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Riccardo Biavati and the restaurant La Voglia Matta in Fusignano (RA)

“The Dinner of the Hundred Bowls®”

Event conceived by Riccardo Biavati
Ceramic lights by Antonella Manfredini and La Bottega delle Stelle
The different proposals of the chef will be served in the ceramics specially created by the artist.
Each guest will receive a bowl of art, as a souvenir of the evening.

Reservations at the restaurant


Thursday 24th October 2013
Euro 65.00

Potato cream with Piedmontese toma and truffle
Soft polenta with porcini mushrooms and fondue
Milanese-style veal sweetbread cutlet
Barley soup with bacon and coffee powder

First dishes
Cappellettini in capon broth
Felicetti snails with kamut and lamb offal
Pumpkin ravioli with Ferrara salama da sugo
Pacchero di Gragnano with smoked goose breast and porcini mushrooms

Second courses
Veal cheek cooked at low temperature with creamy potatoes and truffle
Grandfather’s sausage stewed with Maria’s borlotti beans
Artisan cotechino with Castelluccio lentils
Roasted guinea fowl breast with porcini mushrooms

Small biscuits • Mascarpone cream • Zabaione • Hot chocolate with milk cream

Thursday 7th November 2013
Euro 70.00

Black cuttlefish with peas
Larded prawns with cannellini beans cream
Confit mullet fillet with mixed salad
Mackerel roll on bread cream

First dishes
Pacchero di Gragnano with stewed octopus (stewed)
Pasta and beans with prawns and chive oil
Marinara risotto
Penne with anchovies, wild fennel and browned bread

Second courses
Chunks of monkfish, chilli and onion with sweet Cervia salt
Baccalà alla ferrarese
Fillet with tuna in a crust of aromatic herbs and soy zabaglione
Cous cous with fish and vegetables

Zuppa Inglese • Burnt lavender cream • Soft chocolate cake
Semifreddo with nougat